TA Instruments HM 867 Heating Microscope


HM 867 Heating Microscope

HM 867 and MorphometriXTM image anlysis software suite for most accurate automatic characteristic shape temperature identification. 
Result of over twenty years of R&D of optical instruments for the study of the thermo-mechanical behavior of materials, HM 867 makes possible the analysis of samples beyond the limits of classical heating microscopy. Its versatility makes of HM 867 the most innovative tool for both R&D and for the optimization of all the industrial processes that involve thermal cycles. 
Adopting state-of-the-art technologies in the field of optical and thermal analysis, it is supplied with Misura 4 Thermal Analysis software, the proven software platform that provides an intuitive interface for instrument control and data handling and features the most thorough and precise image analysis. 
Equipped with a 5Mpix high resolution camera, is used to study the physical behaviour of the materials during the industrial firing cycles. With the evolutionary and innovative software “Morphometrics” it is possible, in real-time during the analysis, to automatically calculate and visualize different characteristic temperatures and parameters selectable by the user. 
Capable to analyze samples in a wide range of shapes and sizes (for example a 3mm sample and simultaneously a 10mm sample), HM 867 can also simultaneously analyze up to 8 3x2mm samples
HM 867 Heating Microscope
Additional Specifications Optical measuring system  
Optical measuring system equipped with a 5 MPix HiRes videocamera 
Operating modes  
Heating microscope 
International Standards  
ASTM D1857, CEN/TR 15404:2010, BS 1016:Part 15:1960, CEN/TS 15370-1:2006, DIN 51730,DM 05-02-1998, IS 12891:1990, ISO 540:1995, NF M03-048 
Sample displacement  
Sample number  
From 1 up to 8, depending upon samples sizes 
Temperature range on specimen  
RT – 1600 °C 
Temperature resolution  
0,2 °C 
Heating rate  
0,1 – 80 °C/min 
5ppm with ISO standard sample 
Sample dimensions:  
ASTM and ISO standards 
Certified reference materials  
Gold wire – Palladium wire 
Height, Width, Contact angle, Height/Width Ratio, Perimeter, Area, Roundness, Eccentricity, Center of mass 
More and freely user-selectable also possible 
User selectable, sw controlled automatic gas switching: 
air, oxidizing, reducing, quasi-inert 
Light source  



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