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Characterize a variety of materials or components on the industry’s highest-performing and most versatile table-top test instrument.   
The ElectroForce® 3200 Series III test instruments feature a 225 N (450 N optional) maximum force. With the versatility of static to 300 Hz frequency response, the table-top configuration is adaptable to a variety of biomedical research and engineered materials test applications, including torsion testing, creep under dynamic loading and special environments (hot/cold chambers).
Additional Specifications Force – Peak/Max Sine (N)  
± 3000 N  
Force – Static or RMS (continuous)  
± 2100 N  
25 mm  
Linear Velocity  
0.013 Μm/s – 2.0 m/s  
0.00001 Hz – 100 Hz  
Torsional Motor Options
Standard Torque Option  
Torque – Peak/Max  
± 24 N-m  
Torque – Static or RMS (continuous)  
± 24 N-m  
High Torque Option  
Torque – Peak/Max  
± 49 N-m  
Torque – Static or RMS (continuous)  
± 42 N-m  
Multi-Turn (+/-20 revolutions  
Extended Stroke (ES) Option  
150 mm


  • Compact and portable   
  • Monotonic to 300 Hz frequency response   
  • Simple test space adjustment   
  • Optional saline bath for testing at 37C   
  • Well-suited for low force testing of biomaterials and engineered materials
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