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Human Apolipoprotein Assays

The Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Apolipoprotein Assay Panel is a sensitive, magnetic bead–based muliplex assay that allows the accurate measurement of 10 apolipoproteins in diverse matrices, including serum and plasma. The multiplexing feature makes it possible to quantitate the level of multiple apolipoproteins in a single microplate well in just 3 hours, with a sample volume as low as 10 µl. 
These assays are offered in a convenient, all-in-one, 10-plex kit format that includes assay, reagent, and buffers. Standard diluents for serum and plasma are included, along with two-level controls and lyophilized standards.  
The Human Apolipoprotein Panel enables the detection and quantification of the following 10 analytes in human biological samples: 
  • Apo A1 
  • Apo A2 
  • Apo B 
  • Apo C1 
  • Apo C3 
  • Apo D 
  • Apo E 
  • Apo H 
  • Apo J 
  • CRP (C-Reactive Protein)
  • Features

    Features and Benefits of Bio-Plex™ Multiplex Immunoassays 
  • Robust performance including lot-to-lot consistency data included with each kit 
  • Fast assay protocol with short sample incubation times 
  • Easy collection and management of large data sets with Bio-Plex Manager™ and Bio-Plex
  • Data Pro™ Software, plus automated data optimization 
  • Reproducibility and simplified washing using a magnetic workflow
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