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FlexLISA® Kits

The Innova Biosciences FlexLISA® kits are designed for the development and optimization of sandwich ELISA assays to detect the presence of any antigen with a high affinity for any antibody pair in complex samples (serum, plasma, urine etc.). 
Benefits of the FlexLISA kit: 
  • Easy antibody labeling – uses world leading Lightning-Link® technology 
  • Rapid 
  • Uses 40 times less capture antibody – save on cost of materials 
  • Use your antibodies of choice 
  • Conjugate up to 3 capture and 3 detection antibodies – ideal for screening 
  • Flexibility to run multiple conjugates on a plate simultaneously 
  • Choice of HRP or AP for enzymatic detection 
    A rapid one-step protocol is used in this kit, employing pre-blocked microtitre well strips coated with biotin. The FlexLISA assay is run by adding the sample and the antibody mix to the wells, incubating for 1 hour, washing and reading the assay plate. FlexLISA is ideal for quick and reliable ELISA assay development, antibody pair screening and ELISA assay optimization. 
    The kit contains: 
  • Lightning-Link® conjugation technology for the labeling of the capture and detection antibodies of choice 
  • Lightning-Link Streptavidin (3x10ug*) – for labeling up to 3 different capture antibodies 
  • Lightning-Link HRP or alkaline phosphatase (3x10ug*) – for conjugation of up to 3 different detection antibodies 
  • A biotin pre-coated 96 well stripwell plate which can be provided either as clear or black, depending on the enzymatic substrate (12 x 8 -strip well) in a re-sealable foil pouch
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