Gyros AB Gyrolab™ Protein A Kit


Gyrolab™ Protein A Kit

Easy-to-use kits require fewer manual steps, reducing hands-on time and risk for error. 
Gyrolab Protein A Kit is designed to detect native and recombinant protein A residuals in samples, such as antibody preparations after Protein A purification processes. In Gyros’ automated method, samples are acidified in the Gyrolab Mixing CD to dissociate protein A-IgG complexes. The amount of Protein A is then determined by a sandwich immunoassay. 
  • Quantifies native protein A, recombinant protein A variants and GE Healthcare’s MabSelect SuRe™ ligand 
  • Automates acid dissociation 
  • Provides results within 80 minutes 
  • Delivers precise, accurate data 
    Standard assay protocol: 
  • Dilute samples to appropriate IgG concentration 
  • Dilute standards in series to set up seven points of diluted standard between 0.05 ng/ml and 40 ng/ml 
  • Dilute the capture antibody to 100 ug/ml and the detection antibody to 25 nM 
  • Prepare a microtiter plate with standards, capture and detection antibodies, acid dissociation buffers and wash buffers 
  • Load samples, reagents and Gyrolab Mixing CD(s) in a Gyrolab instrument 
  • First results available within 80 minutes
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