RODI-T2- Reverse Osmosis

The 10-LPH reverse osmosis portion of this system reduces operating costs by economically removing ~95% of the contaminants from the incoming tap water. The RO water is stored in an included 42-Liter pressurized tank that prevents the risk of airborne contamination and eliminates the need for additional feed pumps and tank filters. 
The Type II DI portion of this system produces 2-15 megohm-cm (0.48-0.067 MicroSeimens/cm) water at a flow rate of 5 Liters/minute and and includes one installed High Capacity DI Module and one spare DI Module. It features continuous recirculation to maintain maximum water purity. Therefore, pure water is instantly available on demand. The system includes a single dispensing valve and can be setup to feed several dispensing points via a small (50 linear foot) circulation loop. A variety of optional faucets, valves, and dispensers are available for use with the system. 
This affordable lab water system is simple to install and is easily maintained by the user. The system cabinet can be bench, shelf or wall mounted and the RO storage tank can be installed up to 20 feet from the system. An additional RO membrane can be added to the system to increase RO production and the storage tank can be upgraded to increase capacity. The system has a 2-year warranty in most countries, is proudly made in the USA
RODI-T2- Reverse Osmosis
Depth 12 in
Height 20 in
Width 20 in
Power Requirements 110V
Weight 100 lbs
Additional Specifications Cabinet dimension Width - 20 in (508 mm), Depth - 12 in (305 mm) Height - 20 in (508 mm) 
Mounting Bench, Shelf, or Wall (no additional charge) 
Operating weight 75 - 100 lbs (34 - 45 kg) cabinet only 
Input Power Requires a 110V outlet within 5 ft. of the purity sensor 
System power source Switching power supply - 12 VDC at 2.5 Amps 
Minimum Inlet Pressure 10 PSI (0.68 bar) 
Maximum Inlet Pressure 100 PSI (6.8 bar)


  • Includes LCD readout conductivity monitor with flashing red LED alarm. 
  • The System price includes two High Capacity purification modules: one installed and one spare. 
  • Continuous recirculation is utilized to ensure water quality and prevent the growth of microorganisms within the system. 
  • Built-in Reverse Osmosis pretreatment lowers operating cost by economically removing 95-98% of the contaminants from the tap water. 
  • You can install the spare DI tank yourself, whenever you need it - even on weekends! 
  • Certified by CSA for the US & Canada, CE marked for export to EU countries.
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