SPRi-Arrayer is an automatic, compact and portable apparatus.It prints DNA, oligonucleotides, proteins, bacterial clones and other materials with low cross contamination using Xtend metal-ceramic capillary pins. SPRi-Arrayer includes microarray design software and is integrated with microarray image processing and data analysis tools.
Additional Specifications
  • Print Method: Contact printing 
  • Number of printing needles: 1-16 in various patterns 
  • Slide capacity: 14 slides 
  • SPRi-Biochip™ capacity: 8 biochips 
  • SPRi-Slide capacity: 8 slides 
  • Slide locks: Independent unit 
  • Needle cleaning technology: Fluid stream washing, vacuum drying
  • Features

    Benchtop SPRi-Arrayer for printing microarrays of biological samples on glass, gold surfaces, or on membrane substrates. 
  • Easy to start 
  • Fast and versatile 
  • Prints onto SPRi-Biochip™, SPRi-Slides or any other standard slides 
  • Prints up to 400 (20x20) samples on SPRi-Slides or SPRi-Biochip™ 
  • Spot size : from 140 to 500 ┬Ám, depending on matrix size
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