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The Spraytec is a laser diffraction spray particle sizing system specifically designed to address the unique requirements of aerosol and spray droplet characterization across a wide range of industries and applications. The Spraytec provides in-situ, real-time droplet measurements in a fully validated package, giving accurate, reproducible results time and again.
Weight 36 kg
Additional Specifications Measurement principle Laser diffraction
Size range 0.1µm - 2000µm
Optical models Mie Theory and Fraunhofer Approximation including Patented Multiple Scatterinq correction
Lens ranges 300mm lens: 0.1 - 900 microns (Dv50: 0.5 - 600 microns)
750mm lens: 2.0 - 2000 microns (Dv50: 5 - 1600 microns)
Working range 150mm at 0.5 microns extending to >1m above 5 microns
Concentration range Minimum acceptable transmission: 5% (dependent on particle size range)
Detection system 36 element log-spaced silicon diode detector array
Light source 632.8 nm, 5 mW helium-neon laser
Laser Safety Class 3R laser product
Optical alignment system Automatic rapid align system
Maximum acquisition rate 1Hz
Rapid Mode: 2.5kHz as standard, 10kHz with additional software feature key
Accuracy Better than +/- 1% on the Dv50 for NIST-traceable latex standards
Precision / Repeatability Better than +/- 1% COV on the Dv50 for NIST-traceable latex standards
Reproducibility between instruments Better than +/- 1% COV on the Dv50 for NIST-traceable latex standards
Measurement Triggering Internal: Based on transmission or light scattering levels
External: Based on TTL input or simple switch trigger
External device synchronization Via two TTL trigger outputs
Software Minimum computer specification DELL Mini Tower PC, 2.8GHz Intel Pentium IV Processor, 512Gb RAM, 160Gb-HDD, CD-RW, complete with mouse, keyboard and 1x17 inch Flat Panel Monitor. One free PCI slot and one free COM port required for nasal spray actuators
Operating platforms Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or higher)
21CFR11 Compliance Technical compliance provided through layered access security system, audit trails and links to Adobe Acrobat for electronic signatures.
Operating environment
Enclosure ratings IP65 rating for the main transmitter and receiver modules in normal use
Temperature 15°C - 40°C
Humidity 35% - 80%, non-condensing
Dimensions(LxWxH in mm) 950x550x610


Accurate Sizing over an extremely wide 0.1 to 2000 micron range. Rapid Measurements at acquisition rates of up to 10 kHz capture the dynamics of any spray process in exceptional detail. A Patented High Concentration Analysis delivers accurate spray results at spray concentrations where other techniques would simply fail. Automated software and advanced analysis features ensure repeatable aerosol measurements can be made, time and again.


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