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Flow Solution IV+

The Flow Solution® IV+ (FS IV+) is a powerful automated chemistry analyzer for performing high throughput continuous flow ion analysis methods. The FS IV+ supports and performs two types of continuous flow analysis techniques: segmented flow analysis (SFA) and flow injection analysis (FIA).   
The FS IV+ consists of a 360-position autosampler, a 24-channel peristaltic pump, a power base module (with 4 independently controlled heaters and 4 positions for analytical cartridges), and a detector module equipped with 1 to 3 detectors and flow cells depending upon analytical requirements.   
The FS IV+ can be configured for simultaneous operation of 2 or 3 analytical channels and is expandable for up to 6 analytical channels when equipped with an additional power base and detector module. Optional modules are available to perform automatic dilutions and sample preparation techniques, including: on-line distillation or extraction, UV digestion, and membrane separation.


  • Performs both flow injection analysis (FIA) and segmented flow analysis (SFA) methods   
  • Basic platform is configurable for simultaneous operation of 2 or 3 analytical channels and is expandable for up to 6 channels   
  • Optional modules perform autodilution and online sample preparation techniques including distillation, extraction, UV digestion, and membrane separation   
  • Expanded Range™ Detector supports analyte measurements over a large dynamic range (3–4 orders of magnitude)   


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