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The AVC-485 Automatic Valve Controller is designed to permit either manual or fully automatic operation of diffusion, turbo, or cryopumped high vacuum pumping systems. Provision is made, or can easily be added by the customer, for a variety of interlocks to protect the vacuum system from improper sequencing of values or the presence of unusual but damaging conditions. 
The AVC-485 is powered from a 115 volt, 2 amp source and will handle the three basic electropneumatic vacuum valves (roughing, foreline, high vacuum) and a solenoid vent valve in any vacuum system. A screw-driver switch determines the operation mode with separate panel light indicators. 
Time delay, for sequential automatic valve operations is preset. Settings can be changed to match a customer’s requirements. 
A clear and bold schematic of a typical system is on the front panel to assist in tracing the function being performed. In the automatic mode, LEDs on the schematic indicate valve status. 
The panel meter indicates the station pressure in the chamber and at the foreline or regen line. The sensors are the highly reliable and stable GT-034 thermistor tubes. 
Operator-Selectable Phases – Pressing the system stop button closes all vacuum valves except the foreline valve on Diffusion/Turbo pump systems, putting the system in a standby condition. Pressing the system vent button puts the chamber in the standby condition and then opens the chamber vent valve. The vent valve is closed automatically after a preset time to conserve backfill gas.
Additional Specifications Power Input:  
115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz 
Fuse type and rating:  
2 amp 3 AG for 115V service, 1 amp 3 AG for 230V service 
Output to energize valves:  
same voltage as AC line (valve solenoids must operate from same voltage as AC lines) 
Valve solenoid current requirements:  
Typical inrush current 0.3 amps 
Typical holding current: 
0.1 amps 
Maximum allowable current:  
2 amps 
Time delay adjustment range:  
all valves 3-20 seconds; auto vent stop 1-15 minutes; external control 5-20 seconds 
Range of pressure responsive control circuits:  
0-1000 milliTorr 
Trip span (differential between turn-on and turn-off):  
0-25% of meter scale length 
External control relay drive:  
5 VDC, 10 milliamps 
Pressure sensor tubes (for recorder use):  
Dimensions front panel:  
3-1/2″ high, 19″ wide 
Chassis depth:  


  • Easily set controls simplify calibrations of trip points of fore-pressure and vacuum chamber pressure circuits 
  • Internally switchable for use with Diffusion/Turbo Systems or Cryo pump operation 
  • Relay trip point settings by means of internally mounted potentiometer 
  • All microprocessor controlled circuitry 
  • Adjustable 1-15 minute auto vent stop output 
  • Capable of interlocking with external controls 
  • Tamper-resistant AUTO/MANUAL mode 
  • RF filtered and shielded 
  • Easy service – all parts are readily accessible 
  • Low profile cabinet-suitable for bench top or direct rack mounting
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