NemaMetrix RediStain fluorescent kits


RediStain fluorescent kits

Vital fluorescent dyes can provide valuable information about internal structures and biological processes such as metabolism and apoptosis. RediStain™ fluorescent staining kits improve visualization of C. elegans’ structure and function in phenotyping studies.      
Used with the ScreenChip System, these new staining kits provide a more efficient way to study nematode phenotypes and their directly-related underlying genotypes that would not be possible with non-fluorescent techniques. RediStain™ fluorescent kits are in convenient sizes and concentrations for easy staining of live worms.



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Founded in Eugene, Oregon  in 2011, NemaMetrix's mission is to create an industry standard in phenotypic measurements using C. elegans,...

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Fluorescent kits designed for use with ScreenChip System for automatic screening and phenotyping NemaMetrix, a company developing nematode-based...

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