Thermo Scientific Linistat™ Linear Stainer


Linistat™ Linear Stainer

The Thermo Sientific Linistat is the compact answer to H&E frozen section protocols.

Its efficient, footprint fits on top of most cryostats for streamlining workflow during frozen sectioning.


Thermo Scientific Linistat™ Linear Stainer
  • Features include 14 staining stations (20 sec. each), running water and a 13-slide capacity collection tank.
  • Staining time is under five minutes.
  • For situations that require handstaining, the technician may dip through the stations, eliminating the need to set up separate staining dishes.
  • Color coded slide clips correspond to the colored slides and colored frozen section embedding media,Shandon Cryochrome.

  • Continuous feeding unit allows you to add/remove slides at any time at any position on the stainer.
  • Uses your laboratory's standard reagents.
  • Adjustable running water station may be added at many positions.
  • Accommodates single width (125 ml) stain dishes or double width (250 ml) dishes.
  • Control staining intensity by adjusting total immersion time, adding dishes or adjusting reagent concentration.

Quick Throughput
  • Provides consistent automated staining of 6 slides per minute.
  • Each slide is in plain view throughout staining cycle.
  • Finished slides end their cycle in a clearant tank to await coverslipping.

Slide Holders
  • Unique slide holders provide a forceps-like grip.
  • Slide holders clip onto the constantspeed conveyer system and are automatically carried through each reagent.
  • Color-coded slide holders allow you to quickly identify cases.
  • No handling is required after the slide has been attached to the conveyer system. Simple and Reliable
  • The unit has a minimum of moving parts and is simple to maintain.
  • Compact shape allows for intelligent use of bench space.
  • Connects to normal power supply, water and drain.


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Bleeding hematoxylin

We use a LINISTAT Stainer for Mohs . I'm a trained histo tech but now I'm doing Mohs in a small lab. The reagent used in the Stainer are not the same as I used doing frozen sectioning in the past. The slide does not go into a fixative but into 95...

Purified water

Does the Linistat Linear Stainer require a connection to filtered or purified water? 

Linistat Linear Stainer

When I try to turn the water flow off on the stainer it continues to flow a very small amount of water. Is there a rubber stop gasket inside the houseing to turn on and off knob?

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