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Flexsafe STR®

Flexsafe® meets your requirements for outstanding robustness and ease of use throughout all steps of single-use processing – from rocking motion or stirred tank bioreactor cell culture, through to large-scale mixing to shipping of drug products. 
In addition, Flexsafe® reduces time and expense for process validation, extractable and leachable studies, toxicology assessment and stability studies. 
Flexsafe® ensures excellent and reproducible growth behaviour of the most sensitive production cell lines. The complete control of our raw materials, the extrusion process and the bag assembly guarantees consistent lot-to-lot cell gorwth performance. 
In collaboration with our resin and film suppliers, we optimized the resin formulation and minimized the additive package. Independent labs have confirmed that Flexsafe® bags are free of cytotoxic leachables and no bDtBPP is identified in WFI extracts.


Tubing Size 
  • Silicone or C-Flex® 374 tubing in various diameters 
  • Internal dip tubes for inoculation or carrier-free harvest 
    Sparger Type 
  • 0,8 mm ring sparger 
  • 150 µm micro sparger 
  • Combi sparger(The combi sparger is a combination of ring and micro sparger) 
    Impeller Type 
  • 2x3-blade segment impeller 
  • 2x6-blade disk impeller (Rushton) 
  • Combination of both 
  • Luer 
  • MPC 
  • Opta® sterile connectors 
  • Tube welding 
  • Needle-free sampling port 
  • Single-use pH and DO 
  • Conventional pH and DO probes 
  • Combination of both 
  • (Single-use viable biomass probe BioPAT® ViaMass)
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