Gyros AB Gyrolab ADA solution


Gyrolab ADA solution

Gyrolab ADA solution provides several nanoliter-scale methods for ADA detection using Gyrolab CDs. Working at nanoliter-scale reduces processing times and minimizes sample/reagent consumption. Dedicated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Gyrolab ADA Software facilitates data analysis for either screening or confirmation. Gyrolab system produces assays exhibiting high drug tolerance coupled with high sensitivity and consistent performance providing high quality data.


Reduces hands-on time 
– Automates sample pretreatment and immunoassay 
workflow at nanoliter scale 
Shortens overall run times 
– Results within one hour 
Saves precious reagents and samples 
– 5 µL sample is sufficient for duplicates 
Streamlines workflows from assay development through 
screening to confirmation
– Gyrolab ADA protocol and dedicated Gyrolab ADA 
– Rexxip ADA buffer to facilitate assay development


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