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Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays remain one of 
the most powerful tools to investigate protein-DNA interactions. 
A dependable ChIP assay mainly relies on two important factors: 
a good chromatin preparation and an excellent antibody. At 
BioLegend, we’re introducing high-quality antibodies for ChIP 
assays for multiple targets, including histone modifications, 
chromatin associated proteins, transcription factors, and more


• High Affinity for Target Epitopes 
• High Specificity 
• In-house Produced and Quality Tested 
• Guaranteed Lot-to-Lot Consistency 
• Ideal for ChIP-qPCR 
• Exceptionally Priced


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Chromatrap® has been developed by Porvair Sciences in collaboration with Swansea University.

Porvair Sciences is part of Porvair plc, a specialist...

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