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TTK 600

The TTK 600 Low-Temperature Chamber is a non-ambient attachment for powder X-ray diffraction studies from -190°C to 600°C. Different sample holders allow investigating samples in reflection and transmission geometry. Samples can be measured in vacuum, air or inert gases. An antechamber option allows safe transfer of air-sensitive samples into the TTK 600. 
The TTK 600 fits to all common powder diffractometers and is the instrument of choice for X-ray structure analysis of various sample types at low and medium temperatures.
TTK 600
Additional Specifications Operating temperature  
-190 °C to 600 °C with liquid nitrogen cooling 
-10 °C to 600 °C with compressed-air cooling 
Temperature measurement  
Pt 100 
Vacuum (10-2 mbar), air, inert gas 
Angle of incidence (2Θ)  
0 to 164 ° (standard sample holder) 
Max. operating pressure  
2 bar above atmospheric pressure 
Sample holder material  
Chromium-plated copper 
Sample size  
14 x 10 mm


Fast and accurate temperature control 
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling to -190°C or compressed air cooling to -10°C 
  • Resistance heating for rapid heating up to 600°C 
  • Pt100 close to the sample for precise temperature measurement 
  • Flexible liquid nitrogen hoses for movability even at -190°C 
  • Improved heat transfer from heater to sample holder. Additional convection heating for the capillary sample holder and the transmission sample holder for reduced temperature deviation 
    Optimized for maximum sample flexibility 
    Various types of sample holders: 
  • Standard sample holder for the investigation of powders in reflection geometry (different depths available) 
  • Capillary sample holder for the investigation of powders in transmission geometry 
  • Transmission sample holder for the investigation of foils, pastes and powders in transmission mode 
  • Zero background holder for transparent samples 
  • Integrated beam knife to minimize background at low 2Θ 
  • Easy exchange and mounting of samples
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