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Digital Refractometer – J157 available in several models and option configurations. 
The Rudolph J157 model of Refractometers offers high performance and a range of features to suit many demanding applications in laboratories and harsh industrial environments. Rudolph Research Analytical, working together with refractometer (Refraktometer) users from various countries and disciplines, has developed the J157 series of Digital Refractometers. The Rudolph J157 bench-top line combines the features, measurement range, and accuracy that meet the most demanding applications both in and out of the laboratory and shares many features with the Rudolph Research Refractometer Product Line.


J157HA perfect for High Accuracy measurements in the Sugar, Food & Beverage Industry 
The Rudolph J157HA offers High Accuracy of RI ±0.00002, BRIX ±0.01 with a measurement range of RI 1.32 – 1.53, BRIX 0 – 100 making the J157HA an excellent choice for quality control of food and beverage products. 
J157WR ideal for the Chemical Industry 
With a measurement range of RI 1.29 – 1.66 and BRIX 0 – 100 the Rudolph J157WR offer the versatility needed for Chemical plants where the chemicals are primarily non-water based. The J157WR offers accuracy of ±0.0001 RI and ±0.1 BRIX which is in excess of the accuracy required in most Chemical Plants. 
J157-633 for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research 
A Biotechnology and Bioengineering refractometer designed specifically for measuring materials in the Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscopy (OWLS) system thus capable of measuring the effective refractive index of a thin layer above an Si(Ti)O2 waveguide surface. The Digital J157-633 has all of the same features as the standard J157 automatic refractometer but operates at 633nm instead of the standard 589nm. The J157-633 is part of the Rudolph Research Refractometer Product Line and shares many of the same features as our other refractometers.


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