TTP LabTech sol-R coded beads


sol-R coded beads

TTP Labtech’s coded beads represent a range of reagents for the quantification of secreted protein in multiplexed screening assays. Designed for use with TTP Labtech’s mirrorball fluorescence cytometer, sol-R™ beads are set to revolutionise the immunoassay workflow. 
There are many reasons why gold standard immunoassays are not widely utilised within a screening environment including: multi-step protocols that are complex to automate, restricted throughput, limited multiplexing and high screening costs. 
Remove these limitations with TTP Labtech’s sol-R coded beads and watch your costs go down and your productivity go up.


  • up to 5 multiplexable bead codes 
  • no-wash, mix-and-read protocol 
  • screening-friendly price point
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