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FlowLab Column

Designed for heterogeneous catalytic flow chemistry applications. It has a high pressure 316L SS flow path and includes a HotColumn adaptor fitted with a stainless steel HPLC column reactor in an insulated holder. 
The standard system comes complete with 2 high pressure pumps and dedicated FlowLab control software that enables full manual control and the ability to program a single automated experiment. 
The reactor modules are compatible with all Uniqsis coil reactors. Column reactors can also be fitted by adding the HotColumn accessory and Uniqsis glass Static reactor/mixer Chips can be mounted on the Polar Bear Plus Flow by specifying the additional Chip Holder. 
The system can easily be upgraded because the FlowLab software auto-detects and can control up to 3 pumps and 2 reactor modules



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Uniqsis was founded in January 2007 and is an alliance between Asynt, the specialist supplier of organic synthesis apparatus, and Grant Instruments Ltd,...

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Uniqsis has introduced FlowLab Column™ – an optimised flow chemistry system for heterogeneous catalysis applications.   ...

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