ZEISS ZEN 2 core


ZEN 2 core

ZEN 2 core is powerful software for microscopy imaging, automated control of motorized ZEISS microscopes, and multi-modal workflows in material laboratory environments.      
  • Easy to Configure      
  • Easy to Use     
  • Advanced Imaging and Automated Analysis     
  • Infrastructure Solution for the Connected Lab     
    From entry-level stereo microscopes to motorized and fully automated imaging systems, ZEN 2 core provides a unified user interface for ZEISS microscopes and cameras. With the Shuttle & Find module, ZEN 2 core also links and bridges compound light, digital and electron microscopy.
  • Features

    Standard Features     
  • Full operational control of ZEISS microscopes, cameras, and components     
  • Workbenches for repetitive application tasks     
  • Single and automated panorama image acquisition     
  • User management functionality     
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) image acquisition     
  • Create and manage input forms     
  • Live image video recording     
  • Image and data information displayed in datazone below the image     
  • Best Image functionality     
  • Enhanced depth of field via manual focus     
  • Measurement functions     
  • Microsoft Word® reports and report templates     
  • Data archive for images, documents and templates     
  • Image export to all standard image formats such as JPG, BMP, TIFF     
  • Connection to ConfoMap     
    Optional Features    
  • Enhanced depth of field     
    Automatically acquire multiple images at different focus positions (Z-stack) and combine them to an image with enhanced depth of field     
  • Tiles & Positions     
    Record exact, highly resolved images of multiple field of views by automatically scanning predefined areas     
  • Software autofocus     
    Automatically determine the optimum focus position on your sample     
  • ZEN 2 core macro environment     
    Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with editor and debugger. Enables intermediate users to customize and automate ZEN for their needs with a selected set of commands.     
  • Shuttle & Find     
    Correlative Microscopy module links images and data from different light and/or electron microscopes in a multi-modal workflow     
  • GxP module     
    Audit Trail and process insurance. Precondition for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.     
  • Data management     
    Interface module to seamlessly connect to IMAGIC Database Server (only available in specific countries)     
  • Online measurement     
    Measurement capability in the live image with save and burn-in capability     
  • Automated image analysis     
    Creation of automatic measurement workbenches, e.g. for phase analysis or particle analysis     
  • Linkam (hardware control)     
    Interface to control Linkam heating and cooling stages     
  • Advanced processing & analysis     
    Add hierarchical measurements and more processing to your image analysis
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