Cecil Instruments Series 1000 UV/Visible Spectrophotometers


Series 1000 UV/Visible Spectrophotometers

High Quality Low Cost 
When cost is a primary consideration of selection, the Series 1000 provides low cost, high specification, quality instruments for both the UV and visible ranges. 
The designs offer an ideal combination of performance, quality and reliability for educational use; as is witnessed by the large number of Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges who are multiple users of the range. 
With only six, carefully programmed operating keys, the Series 1000 spectrophotometers are exceptionally easy to use. Up-down keys, with automatic slew rate acceleration, make wavelength selection, to 0.1nm, convenient and rapid. Absorbance, Transmittance or Concentration may be measured; the latter using standards or by entering a factor. 
Very precise wavelength selection, with readout to 0.1nm, provide the high degree of reproducibility needed for accuracy, particularly when measuring on a sloping background. 
UV-visible instruments allow the Deuterium lamp to be switched off when working in the visible region, to extend lamp life. Switch on is automatic if a UV wavelength is selected. Deuterium Lamps are guaranteed for one year.


Easy Use Simple Kinetics 
Low Cost Deuterium Lamp Save 
Self Test and Calibration  
Auto Lamp and Filter Selection One year UV Lamp Guarantee


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Service manual

Dear sir i am in urgent need for cecil ce1021 spectrophotometer service manual, because i have E7 error and i checked the uv lamp and it was OK. The problem is in the card so i .need the manual to specify the error. Regards

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