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Glythera’s PermaLink™ technology is a controlled, stable conjugation platform composed of a portfolio of linker designs. PermaLink™ can be employed for the selective and stable functionalization and conjugation of various cargos to proteins and peptides. 
Due to its increased stability and selectivity, PermaLink™ offers significant benefits in the development of next generation biologics: 
Antibody Drug Conjugates 
(ADCs) are highly potent biologics composed of a tumour specific antibody linked via a linker to a cytotoxic drug. One of the crucial requirements for improving the therapeutic window of ADCs is specific and stable attachment of a potent cytotoxic agent to the antibody via the linker. Benefits of using PermaLink™: 
  • Highly specific for the sulfhydryl groups of cysteine residues which are a primary site for cytotoxic drug attachment in many ADCs currently in clinical development 
  • Enhanced stability provided by a stable thioether bond which is resistant to biological and chemical degradation 
  • Compatible with a diverse range of cytotoxic payloads due to the ability to be tailored to generate both “non-cleavable” and “cleavable” linkers for efficient release of active drug following antigen-mediated internalization
  • Features

  • Comparative model system 
  • Controlled Drug to Antibody Ratio (DAR) 
  • Improved linker stability compared to maleimide based technologies 
  • Comparable in vitro activity 
  • Low immunogenic potential
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    Glythera relocated to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2012, following investment from IP Group and the Finance for Business North East Technology Fund which underpinned...

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