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The Postnova EAF4 Technology combines the principle of Electrical and Asymmetrical Flow FFF in just one system. Electric and Cross Flow Fields can now be applied in one FFF channel. This opens completely new routes for FFF separations which are based on particle size / molar mass and also on particle/molecule charge, providing additional sample information and adding a true second dimension of separation to Flow FFF.       
The new EAF2000 series is a powerful 2D FFF system which can be used either as traditional Asymmetric Flow FFF or alternatively as hybrid FFF system utilizing both separation forces in the same channel simultaneously. This allows particle size and molar mass separations induced by the cross flow field and on top of this also charge separations by electrophoretic mobility induced by the electric field.       
Traditional Flow FFF separations typically provide particle size or molar mass distributions as final result. Now, with the advent of the EAF2000 any of these particle size and molar mass distributions can be further differentiated and transformed into a particle size or molar mass vs. charge distribution. This allows identifying charge heterogeneities which might be present inside the different size and molar mass fractions. As particle and molecule charge plays a primary role in many applications, such as protein aggregation, polymer flocculation, particle agglomeration and also in pharmaceutical formulations in general, the new EAF2000 opens completely new ways for a significantly better understanding of these phenomena and will quickly help to establish more efficient product development and QC processes.



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