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DESKGEN Libraries are AI-designed and tailored to your targets and model to maximize guide performance. There is nothing else like it in any other lab.  
Our approach reduces experimental bias and off-target hits, helping you gather robust and reproducible data for easy analysis and publication — all at an affordable price.


Disrupt Library

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Additional Specifications Disrupt CRISPR Libraries are designed with Dunne 2017, a proprietary scoring algorithm which outperforms the competition in predicting guide activity and specificity across the coding and noncoding genome.
Tile Library

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Additional Specifications DESKGEN Tile Libraries are AI-designed to make use of multiple nucleases and other techniques that provide higher coverage across any region of the genome.

With DESKGEN Tile, you can resolve functional domains, promoters, transcription factor binding sites and druggable targets with greater clarity.
SNP-IN Library

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Additional Specifications DESKGEN SNP-IN Libraries are designed by DESKGEN AI to achieve maximum activity specificity and repair efficiency.

Guide RNAs and donors are generated by our proprietary knockin library algorithm, generated in-house at Desktop Genetics following validated rules from the literature.
Interfere Library

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Additional Specifications DESKGEN Interfere Libraries use CRISPRi to transiently block transcription of target genes for a functional knockdown effect on expression.
Activate Library

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Additional Specifications DESKGEN Activate Libraries use CRISPRa to enable multiplex activation of genes as well as non-coding genomic elements.

They are ideally suited for understanding the function of noncoding RNAs, identifying drug resistance pathways, fluorescently imaging proteins and more.
Predict Library

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Additional Specifications DESKGEN Predict provides you with a unique scoring algorithm optimized to your particular experimental goals and protocols in the model organism or cell line your lab works with.



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