EPPENDORF Varispenser 2/2x


Varispenser 2/2x

The new generation of Eppendorf bottletop dispensers Varispenser 2 and Varispenser 2x show improvements in many details. Their tight seal provides best possible protection against contact with caustic media. They are chemically resistant and fully autoclavable. Especially for Varispenser 2x with recirculation valve, the new design allows for extracting reproducible dispensing volumes with no reagent waste. Drying tube for protection of reagents against humidity or spiral discharge tube for easy serial dispensing, complete the Varispenser 2 / 2x to provide a convenient system of bottletop dispensers for most routine liquid handling tasks.


  • Standard GL 45 thread for most common bottle threads on all sizes 
  • Safety valve balls in discharge valve prevent leakage when discharge tube is not mounted 
  • Air vent cap can be unscrewed for easy assembly of drying tube 
  • Oval-shaped dispenser housing for easy transportation 
  • PFA seal of the sliding piston prevents seizing up 
  • Fixation slide on interior toothed track for rapid and safe volume adjustment 
  • High chemical resistance of all dispensing components 
  • Telescopic aspirating tubes for variable adjustment to bottle height 
  • Fully autoclavable without disassembly 
  • Both models are available in 6 sizes for dispensing volumes from 0.2 ?–? 100 mL
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