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Primo was developed to enable you to design and conduct all the micropatterning experiments you can imagine, in 2D and also 3D. Simply select from amongst your computer’s files the pattern you want to use (no size or shape limitations). Primo then projects it on the cell culture substrate and allows you to generate the pattern with the protein of your choice. 
We are gradually discovering the extent of the fields of application of this new technology and we are pleased to show you a few examples of some early experiments conducted by our users.
Additional Specifications PRIMO: a UV illumination module. Mounted on a microscope, its optical imaging system projects your chosen pattern onto standard cell culture substrates. 
PLPP: an exclusive specific photoactivatable reagent. When coupled with UV action, it enables the pattern to be created on the illuminated area of the substrate. Thus you can precisely apply the protein of your choice. 
LEONARDO: the software that provides you with optimal control of the PRIMO module, and facilitates your experimental manipulations.



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Alvéole was founded in 2010 by three researchers from CNRS1-2-3 in collaboration with Quattrocento, a “creator of companies” in the...

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