Chromatrap DNA Extraction kit


DNA Extraction kit

The Chromatrap DNA Extraction kit delivers a protocol to isolate superior quality DNA from a wide range of samples sources, including difficult cell and tissue types. With our high volume binding capacity, DNA is efficiently lysed, captured and eluted from our unique spin column and 96 well plate designs. Quick and easy to use, the Chromatrap DNA Extraction kit ensures high quality and recovery of DNA during the first steps of fundamental molecular biology techniques.


Starting Material: Cultured cells (up to 5x106), Tissue (up to 25mg) 
Sample Size: 50bp - 23kb 
Elution Volume: 200µl 
Applications: PCR, MeDIP, Southern Blot, Molecular Cloning and Sequencing 
Format: 50 Spin Columns or 2 x 96 Well Plates 
DNA Purity: (A260/A280) 1.8-2.2 
DNA Recovery: 98%


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Chromatrap® has been developed by Porvair Sciences in collaboration with Swansea University.

Porvair Sciences is part of Porvair plc, a specialist...

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Chromatrap, a leading developer of cutting-edge life science products, has launched an affordable, easy-to-use range of DNA kits for routine...

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