CRAIC Technologies Apollo II™ Raman microspectrometer


Apollo II™ Raman microspectrometer

The Apollo II™ Raman microspectrometer is designed for both cutting edge research and for reliability and ease-of-use. With the Apollo II™, it is fast and, easy to acquire Raman microspectra™ so you can focus on sample measurements, not on operating your instrument. As such, it is perfect for advanced research, routine research, quality control and failure analysis. The Apollo II™ Raman microspectrometer employs optics, software and hardware all optimized for Raman spectroscopy of microscopic samples. The Apollo II™ Raman microspectrometer is perfect for rapid, non-destructive analysis in fields such as life sciences, materials science, chemistry and physics.     
The Apollo II™ Raman spectrometer features a modular and flexible design. Up to three lasers may be included with each system. Solid state spectrometers are offered for speed and sensitivity. Scanning spectrometers are also offered for advanced research. A host of other features may also be included such as kinetic Raman and photoluminescence microspectroscopy, imaging and mapping of the Raman spectra with high spatial resolution. Modules can be used together for the ultimate in experimental flexibility.     
The Apollo II™ Raman spectrometer can also be combined with other CRAIC microspectrometers to add a host of capabilities ranging from UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy to film thickness measurements and much more.


High performance Raman microspectroscopy     
  • Robust, reliable and powerful     
  • Use alone or add to a CRAIC UV-vis-NIR microspectrophotometer.     
  • One, two or three lasers may be incorporated     
  • Laser wavelengths offered include 405, 532, 638, 785, 830 nm and more     
  • Solid state Lightblades™ Raman spectrometers for high sensitivity and speed     
  • Scanning Raman spectrometers for ultra-high resolution and spectral range     
  • Photoluminescence microspectroscopy     
  • Raman spectral mapping     
  • Time-resolved Raman microspectroscopy     
  • Easy to use and maintain     
  • From the experts in microspectroscopy
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