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Acumen eX3

The Acumen eX3 performs cell-based screening using up to three lasers (at 405, 488 and 633 nm) and simultaneous four colour detection for each laser to provide content-rich data. This enables a wide range of fluorescent reagents to be combined in multicolour, multiplexed assays.

Acumen technology applies cytometry principles rather than image analysis to gather content-rich data. This offers a very fast, robust and user-friendly approach to high content screening. Data file sizes are significantly smaller than those generated by high content imaging technologies. With an achievable throughput of over 300,000 wells per day, the Acumen eX3 has become an enabling platform for many high content screening organisations.

Acumen eX3 is flexible enough to be applied to the quantitative analysis of a broad range of biological applications including toxicity testing, viral infectivity, cell cycle, proliferation, protein kinase activity and reporter gene assays.


TTP LabTech’s Acumen eX3 combines ultra high throughput data collection with the reporting of detailed high content cellular information in one easy-to-use platform. It offers:
  • high content screening
  • high throughput cytometry
  • whole well scanning
  • applicability to a broad range of assays


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