Lancer 1300 LX Freestanding Washer Dryer


1300 LX Freestanding Washer Dryer

The 1300 LX Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer easily copes with your high volumn throughput or mixed loads as this model can wash and dry on three levels yet still maintains a small footprint, keeping in mind space limitations in the lab. The 1300 LX offers a cost effective choice if you require larger capacity washing. The load-bearing door is at a safe-convenient height for loading glassware at the washer rather than having to carry or transport heavy, loaded racks from workbench to washer. Rack systems are common across the 810-1300 LX and 1800 LXA models enabling economical upgrade when expanding the capacity of your lab.      
1300 LX Freestanding Washer Dryer
Washer Capacity Large Capacity
Feed Water Pressure 29-87 psig
Heat Loss 3,000 Btu / 895 watts - per hour
Noise Level < 63 dB
Recirculation Pump (flow rate) 111 gal/min (420 L/min)
Wash/Rinse Cycles 4 pre-programmed, 38 user-defined cycles
Water Consumption 14 to 16 L / 3.6 to 4.2 gal - per fill
Drying System Forced Air
Flow Rate 25 L/min
Internal Depth 20 in
Internal Height 25.35 in
Internal Width 21 in
Maximum Temperature 95 °C
Depth 29 in
Height 64 in
Width 23.75 in
Power Requirements 208 V-3 Ph, 230 V-3 Ph, 480 V-3 Ph 208 V-1 Ph, 230 V-1 Ph
Weight 320 lbs
Additional Specifications Loading Height: 787 mm / 31 in      
Wash Levels: 1 to 3 with upper level height adjustable (4 positions)      
Water Supply (Cold, Hot, DI) Connection: 3/4 inch hose thread      
Chemical Storage: Front access drawer      
Injection Cleaning: 1 to 3 levels with 4 possible rack positions


Key features of 1300 LX: 
  • Large capacity and volume with three levels cleaning in a small footprint  
  • Powerful and rapid HEPA filtered drying through injectors and in wash chamber    
  • Increased safety with on-board storage and input of chemicals   
  • Higher grade 316 L Stainless Steel Chamber      
All Lancer washers feature these key benefits:      
  • Fast cycles and outstanding results from powerful wash action and design 
  • Easy to use microprocessor controls with self-diagnostic software and alarms   
  • Flexibility of multi-level injection washing and interchangeable racks      
  • All sizes and types of glassware cleaned with chamber configuration choices  
  • Ergonomic and safe loading of racks on load bearing telescopic runners  
  • Choice of preset and user-customized (PIN code protected) programs    
  • Accurate and repeated intake of cleaning chemicals by automatic peristaltic dosing pumps   
  • Robust high grade 304 L and 316L stainless steel construction (varies by model)  
  • Cost effective – low life cycle costs and efficient operation uses less resources and inventory      
  • Eco-friendly low energy, chemicals and water usage      


1300 LX Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer

1300 LX Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer

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blank display

Has anyone had a blank display on this model the back light is on and you get a beep when turned on anf off but nothing else or has anyone got a service manual with the wiring diagram in it.


End user runs a cycle, unclear what the fault is, by the time I get there. How do I clear the fault?

Lancer 1300 lx

God Mornig, I need help or some suggestions about the "error code 7" on a Lancer 1300lx glassware washer dryer. thank you. Alessandro

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