ASD Inc FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res Field Spectroradiometer


FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res Field Spectroradiometer

The 3 nm VNIR, 30 nm SWIR spectral resolution of the FieldSpec┬« 4 Wide-Res field spectroradiometer, is a cost-effective solution for the analysis of any material with broad spectral features. General vegetation analysis and water column studies are common application areas that are associated with broader spectral features. The FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res field spectroradiometer can be utilized for many of the same applications as the Standard-Res model although the characterization of material with sharper spectral features will be less precise. The FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res is not recommended for the analysis of materials and compounds with narrow or sharp geological spectral features in the SWIR range such as alteration mineralogy or atmospheric/gas studies. 
Because of its wider optical slit the FieldSpec Wide-Res field spectroradiometer delivers the best signal throughput of any FieldSpec spectroradiometer. High throughput benefits measurements taken in low illumination conditions. 
This instrument is available at a significantly lower price point than other FieldSpec 4 models, which makes it an attractive option when budgets are tight. 
In addition to being a cost-effective field spectroradiometer, the FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res also functions well as a rugged, field spectrometer for accurate contact reflectance or non-solar stand-off measurements. 
FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res Field Spectroradiometer
Additional Specifications Spectral Range 350-2500 nm 
Spectral Resolution 3 nm @ 700 nm 
30 nm @ 1400/2100 nm  
Sampling Interval 1.4 nm @ 350-1000 nm 
1.1 nm @ 1001-2500 nm 
Scanning Time 100 milliseconds 
Stray light specification VNIR 0.02%, SWIR 1 & 2 0.01% 
Wavelength reproducibility 0.1 nm 
Wavelength accuracy 0.5 nm 
Maximum radiance VNIR 2X Solar, SWIR 10X Solar 
Channels 2151 
Detectors VNIR detector (350-1000 nm): 512 element silicon array 
SWIR 1 detector (1001-1800 nm): Graded Index InGaAs Photodiode, Two Stage TE Cooled 
SWIR 2 detector (1801-2500 nm): Graded Index InGaAs Photodiode, Two Stage TE Cooled 
Input 1.5 m fiber optic (25┬░ field of view). Optional narrower field of view fiber optics available.



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