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Looking for unequalled productivity in sample preparation? Think using TheOx Advanced! Powered by electricity, this heavy duty and low maintenance instrument prepares glass disks for XRF analysis as well as borate solutions for AA and ICP analysis. 
TheOx Advanced instrument ensures high productivity in the laboratory. In fact, it is very powerful and it has a quick temperature ramp up that allows shorter fusion cycles and an increased sample throughput. Just like its previous version, TheOx Advanced instrument can perform from 24 to 30 fusions per hour.   
TheOx Advanced can be configured with a carriage made of very high-quality ceramic. This superior material leads to unrivalled sturdiness. The ceramic cantilevers are Ni and Cr free. For customers that need to analyse samples with a very low content of Ni or Cr (concentration <0.5%), this option must be used.   
This fusion instrument has a redesigned interface which, among other things, allows the user to control the heating rate to guarantee great analytical performances as well as to optimize the oxidation and fusion success rate.   
Even though TheOx instrument is known to be safe to use, TheOx Advanced fusion instrument has extra features to enhance safety such as the mold confirmation by the user and the safety door that automatically locks during the entire fusion process.   
This instrument keeps all the features known to ensure its well-known durability, including furnace chimneys to evacuate the fumes out of the heating chamber. Its simple electrical connection (single phase) facilitates the installation.


  • Cement, lime, limestone, carbonates, ceramics, clay, glass, slags, refractories   
  • Mining and geological samples, hematite, magnetite, silica, silicates, clay, ores   
  • Steel, pure metals, noble metals, ferroalloys, non-ferrous alloys, silicon carbide   
  • Sulfides, fluorides   
  • Bauxites, alumina   
  • Chromite, cobaltite, dolomite, ilmenite, rutile, molybdenite   
  • Auto catalysts, zeolites, polymers, pigments, synthetic rubbers   
  • Potash, phosphate, fertilizers   
  • Organic samples, coal, ashes, petroleum   
  • Rare earth elements   
  • Pharmaceutical, environmental and cosmetic samples
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