Parr Instrument Company Series 5100 Glass Reactors


Series 5100 Glass Reactors

The Parr series 5100 Low Pressure Reactors are offered in response to users requests for: 
A system for running reactions similar to those that have been conducted for many years in the Parr shaker, but which offer stirring for better scalability, higher operating temperatures and pressures, and more extensive reactor controls and instrumentation. 
Reactors for elevated pressures with glass vessels that permit direct observation of mixing action, color changes, or changes of state. 
Reactors designed for convenient operation at moderate pressure and/or for corrosion resistance. 
Convenient and Easy Sealing with O-rings and Split Ring Closures 
Parr has developed a new O-ring and closure system to accommodate the requirements of this unique glass-to-metal seal and support, which is convenient to use. A face seal-type O-ring design is used with the proven and popular Parr split ring closure. For this application a special gasket groove was designed to retain the O-ring on the head of the reactor when it is opened. A full range of O-ring materials is available for chemical compatibility with reactants, products and solvents. 
The split ring for the glass vessel is padded with high temperature plastic cushions so the glass vessel does not come in direct contact with the metal split ring. Six sealing screws are tightened only finger tight to develop the seal on the O-ring. The split ring snaps together with latches to provide a secure and positive closure. 
The alternate metal cylinders use a different split ring designed to handle the higher working pressure of the metal vessels.



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