Zinexts Life Science MagPurix 12S


MagPurix 12S

Production Information 
Truely walk-away fully automation for extraction of high quality nucleic acids 
Processing 1-12 extractions? per run 
Liquid handling 4D capture magnetic bead separation technology 
Optimized pre-filled reagent kits for isolating nucleic acids from different bio-materials. 
Purified DNA could be trasfered to the 1.5 ml Eppendorf tube or 0.2 ml PCR tube* 
Ease of use – 3 steps to go 
CE-IVD certified.
MagPurix 12S
Additional Specifications Model MagPurix 12S 
Cat. No. ZP01001 
? Fully automated 
Design Plastic Cover / Sliding door 
Dimentions 48 cm W x 70 cm D x 52 cm H 
Weight 43 kgs 
Display & Input LCD (20 characters x 4 lines) 
Keypad & Barcode Reader 
Operating Requirements ? 
Operating Temperature 15-30? 
Operating Relative Humidity 30-80% (non-condensing) 
Power supply 110-240V 50/60Hz 
Extraction Method Liquid Handling 
Magnetic particle separation technology 
Precessing Capability 1- 12 samples/run 
Precessing Time 40-75 minutes 
Sample Volume 100-1000 µl 
Elution Volume 50-300 µl 
Hardware Integrated micro-processor, no external PC required 
Protocol On board, preintslled protocols 
Reagents Pre-filled reagent cartridge 
Kit Selection 17 kits available, optimized for sample specimen and application 
Safety CE IVD 
Traceability X



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