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Fast, flexible and designed to simplify compliance 
Tecan has used its extensive knowledge of clinical and regulated environments and years of expertise in the field of automation to bring you the Fluent Gx, the fastest, and most flexible, open platform we’ve ever made for these highly controlled applications. 
Simplifying regulatory compliance 
The Fluent Gx automation workstation is designed specifically to meet the needs of regulated laboratories, with the advanced process security features required for applications in clinical, GMP and QC facilities. 
It combines all the liquid handling and workflow benefits already familiar to Fluent users – high on-deck capacities, fast processing and intuitive operation – with the Fluent Gx Assurance Software, a suite of software features needed to comply with stringent regulatory requirements, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11. 
Exceptional ease of use and enhanced process security 
The built-in touchscreen interface guides users through daily tasks for fast, consistent operation, with integrated user management – including method permissions – to ensure secure protocols and optimized selection for each user. 
Identification and tracking of samples, tubes and plates allows safe and confident processing, and Method Recovery functions enable process runs to be reinstated even following events such as a power cut or computer crash. 
Increased walkaway time 
With its exceptional deck and below deck arm access, Fluent Gx can accommodate multiple devices without expanding its footprint. 
Enjoy true walkaway operation with the seamless integration of complementary peripherals, all fully managed by FluentControl™. 
Dynamic Deck 
Dynamic deck Fluent Gx's patented Dynamic Deck™ allows the high capacity worktable to be freely configured and easily reconfigured.A lower deck level allows devices to be integrated into the deck space, extending the vertical range even for bench top systems. 
Faster more streamlined workflows 
Faster more streamlined workflows Three independent, task-specific arms move in parallel to simultaneously and efficiently automate methods.Sample preparation, movement of labware to peripheral devices, and plate to plate or reagent additions can all occur in parallel — maximizing workflow performance.



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