TTP LabTech dragonfly® discovery


dragonfly® discovery

Significantly reduce assay development time and improve HTS efficiency 
Innovative, low volume liquid handling that can significantly reduce assay development time and greatly improve assay robustness in screening. 
Built for pure performance 
simple walk-up and use instrument 
intuitive UI for complex assay design enables DoE 
nothing to wash, maintain, check, calibrate prior to a run 
easy to set up reagent reservoirs 
smooth transition from assay development through HTS to hit-to-lead 
automated work cell for small-scale screening 
automation friendly for work cell integration  
reliable low volume dispensing of precious reagents 
no liquid classification or compatibility issues 
inherently reliable technology 
no clogging or blocking of nozzles 
zero cross-contamination 
reliable dispensing of challenging reagents combined with robust automation enabling efficient assay set up and screening 
eliminates assay variation


just walk-up and use 
simple set-up and minimal maintenance 
greatly improve assay robustness 
accurate dispensing irrespective of liquid class 
save time, sample and budget 
ultra-low dead volumes 
significantly reduce assay development time 
complex DoE dispensing 
suitable for low or high throughput assays 
compatible with any SBS plate format 96 - 1,536 well 
develop quality assays in a fraction of the time 
independent multi-channel positive displacement technology


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