Varian SH-110 Dry Scroll Pump


SH-110 Dry Scroll Pump

The Varian SH-110 is a dry, hermetic scroll pump that provides industry-leading features designed for easy integration into original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems. This single-stage pump produces a pumping speed of 110 L/m (on 60 Hz power) and achieves an ultimate pressure of 50 mtorr (0.07 mbar) in a compact package that is also ideally suited to end-user applications.

The SH-110 pump conforms with CE, CSA, and Semi S2-0200 requirements.
SH-110 Dry Scroll Pump
Max. Pumping Speed 110 L/min
Exhaust Connection 1/4-in. female nat’l pipe thread (NW16 KF adapter provided)
Inlet Connection NW25 KF flange
Max. Rotation Speed 1725 rpm
Motor 0.25 horsepower (0.19 kW)
Ultimate Vacuum .05 Torr
Vacuum Monitoring and Control No Control
Vacuum Pump Type Scroll Pump
Power Requirements 100-115/200-230 VAC
Weight 43 lbs
Additional Specifications Maximum inlet pressure: 1 atmosphere (0 psig)
Maximum outlet pressure: 1.5 atmosphere (7.5 psig)
Gas ballast connection: 1/8-in. female nat’l pipe thread
Storage conditions: –20 to 60 °C (–4 to 140 °F)
Motor thermal protection: Automatic
Cooling: Air-cooled
Restrictions: No corrosive, explosive, or particulate-forming gases
Leak rate (exhaust sealed): <1 × 10-7 std-cc/sec helium
Compliance: Conforms with CE, CSA, and Semi S2-2000


  • Low-temperature operation
  • ¼-horsepower motor for low power consumption
  • Built-in exhaust valve for low noise production
  • Moveable exhaust port for flexibility in tight spaces
  • High pumping speed at high pressure allows fast pumpdown
  • Low weight with convenient carrying handle
  • Built-in fail-safe isolation valve protects the vacuum system
  • Universal 100-230 VAC power for easy installation worldwide
  • Automatic air ballast for effective handling of moisture
  • Quick tip-seal replacement for low cost of ownership


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Changes have occurred to the Varian, Inc. product lines. On May 14, 2010, Agilent Technologies completed the acquisition of Varian, Inc. (Varian), a supplier...

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The main front motor bearing is loading up causing the fuse to blow. How do I separate the scroll so I can slide out the shaft to replace the bearing?


I am trying to repair a SH-110 Varian Dry Scroll Pump. I change the tip seal but the pump is making a bad noise. I do not have a Varian service available in my country for an exchange and I wonder if I can get more information about the pump, e.g...

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