Applied BioPhysics TEER 24 System


TEER 24 System

This system provides repeatable,label free automated TEER measurements to electrically monitor the barrier function of epithelial and endothelial cells as they are grown in normal CO2 high humidity incubators. Data is collected continuously and reported as real-time changes in barrier function of cell layers in ohm-cm2. 
Non-invasive measurements may be made continuously for days and even weeks. The fixed position of electrodes throughout the measurements eliminates operator variability allowing precise and repeatable measurements of endothelial layers with weak barrier function (<10 ohm-cm2). No need to take the station out of the incubator eliminating 
temperature variations.
TEER 24 System
Additional Specifications • 10 sec/well read rate 
• 24 well microplates use standard 
6mm filters 
• Gold electrodes 
• 24 well dipping assembly can 
autoclaved or oven sterilized 
• Station dimensions 10 x 3 x 15cm 
• Power: 3 watts 
• Windows 10 OS


Continuous long-term measurement of TEER from under 
10 to 10,000 ohm cm2 in up to 24 wells 
Uses standard commercially available 6mm membrane 
Fast barrier function dynamics can be monitored 
Accurately measures Endothelial and Epithelial 
barrier function 
Located in incubator for long term experiments 
Real time visualization of TEER, control of sampling rate 
Group average, and compare data 
Up to 24 wells can be simultaneously displayed 
and analyzed 
Export data to Excel or other statistical programs 
Data output in CSV or graphical (JPEG, TIFF)


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