The VisioNize system enables you to easily link your lab equipment to a central monitoring and data-management software. Connect your lab equipment to VisioNize core and remotely monitor performance from your office PC or with the mobile app VisioNize go. The VisioNize system is a smart network that lets you manage your lab equipment efficiently whenever you want and wherever you are. The new interface design provides an excellent user experience and simplifies operation. If you’re already familiar with using a component or instrument in the VisioNize system, you’ll also find other instruments and components intuitive to operate because the user experience is uniform across product lines and platforms (PC software, mobile app and device display).


Smart connectivity 
Manage and monitor your lab equipment and organize your inventory. Stay on top of what’s happening in your lab at all times and receive e-mail notification if an event occurs that has to be checked. 
Central data storage 
Storing relevant device information and documents on a data server located centrally on your premises provides you a continuous, clear overview of instrument performance as well as access to relevant documents and information over your internal network. This document storage function is also available for non-connected devices (offline devices). The documents have to be uploaded manually. 
New interface concept 
Experience the new VisioNize user interface concept across the touch interfaces of VisioNize-onboard devices as well as in the software applications VisioNize core and VisioNize go. This unified interface concept simplifies the operation across devices and platforms in entirely new ways.


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