Arctiko ULUF 490®


ULUF 490®

The ULUF 490 freezer -90°C features a dual refrigeration system, which consists of two independent systems offering you the best security. In case of any failure with one of the refrigeration systems, the other system will still maintain the temperature at -80°C. Thereby, your samples will not be affected by any challenge caused by an unexpected system failure, until service is provided. This is possible due to our reliable single compressor technology.
ULUF 490®
Freezer Type Ultra-Low Temperature
Freezer Temperature Range -90 to -40 °C
Additional Specifications Max. ambient temperature (°C) 25 
Power supply (V) 230 
Frequency (Hz) 50/60 
Power consumption (KWH/24H) 14,6 
Power (Watt) 1250 
Horse Power (HP) 2 x 3/4 
Current (A) 8,9


Dual refrigeration system 
Insulated inner doors 
Lock on door 
Ergonomic loading 
Heated door frame 
Heated vacuum valve 
100% HCFC/CFC free 
Reaching -90°C in 3 hours 
Porthole for external probe


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