SciGene Corporation CytoBrite® PLUS


CytoBrite® PLUS

Programmable FISH hybridizer with temperature 
verification of each slide position — now required 
by CAP regulation CYG.33950. Each of the 12 slide 
positions is equipped with a separate temperature 
sensor. Simply connect the provided digital thermometer 
to view each position temperature. 
CytoBrite® PLUS uses PCR technology to quickly 
heat and cool slides with time and temperature 
recorded to a USB drive. Removable 6-slide trays 
streamline handling. Use with CytoBond® Coverslip 
Sealant that removes easily in one piece without 
humidification or substitute rubber cement with 
the use of humidity strips.


Individual sensors monitor every 
slide position 
• Verify each slide reaches temperature 
• PCR technology quickly heats and 
cools slides 
• Slide trays streamline handling 
• Time and temperature recorded to USB 
• NIST-certified thermometer included


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