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The Pegasus BT 4D offers enhanced sensitivity by coupling our benchtop Pegasus BT with our high performance GCxGC thermal modulation system. This combination gives the Pegasus BT 4D the ability to interrogate challenging samples where the best sensitivity is needed. Unique and powerful software and hardware features simplify quantitation, while also dramatically making GCxGC easy to use and understand. 
The enhancement of S/N with the GCxGC modulation process makes what was once unobserved a clearly identifiable analyte. LECO’s ChromaTOF® brand software works seamlessly with the new Pegasus BT 4D to automatically process user data and remove the guesswork involved with analyte identification and quantification. Features such as NonTarget Deconvolution®, Target Analyte Find, library searches, and an easy-to-configure interface, all come together to give users a better GCxGC experience.


  • Non-Target Analysis 
  • Excellent Sensitivity
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