GE ÄKTAcrossflow tangential flow filtration system


ÄKTAcrossflow tangential flow filtration system

ÄKTAcrossflow is a fully automated tangential flow filtration system for process development and is suitable for filter screening and process optimization at small-scale as well as small-scale processing.


  • Broad range of applications that cover ultrafiltration and microfiltration. 
  • Flexible operation of either hollow fiber filter cartridges or cross flow cassettes. 
  • Thorough and efficient process development with full TMP and flux scouting. 
  • Single, familiar UNICORN interface for both chromatography and tangential flow filtration. 
  • Minimum working volume of 25 mL ensures operation of filters between 40 cm² and 150 cm². 
  • Suitable for small-scale processing where limited material is available.
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