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The Adept high-pressure pump is a dual piston design, as are the Q-Adept pumps. Stepper motor drive provides superb flow precision. Software drive compensation is used in all Cecil pumps to reduce pulsing to negligible levels, without the need for mechanical pulse damping.

Flow rates from 0.001 to 10µL/min are selectable in 0.001 steps at pressures up to 40MPa. Over and under pressure protection is provided.

The pump heads have ceramic inserts for bio-compatibility with check valves of ruby and sapphire.





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battery change, maintenance procedures

I want to change the battery in the pump and need to know the procedure to recalibrate the instrument because I understand that the instrument needs to be recalibrated when changing the battery. Also need a maintenance procedure for this equipment...

Cecil adept ce4100 pump

The pump serial no 150-311, is indicating error e53 - pump over pressure! The instrument would not purged, and when the purge button is depressed, it gives the error e53, and shuts down the pump. The pump would not run even when the run button is...

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