BD Biosciences BD FACSymphony™


BD FACSymphony™

Customized solutions for high parameter cell analysis 
The BD FACSymphony™ system is a novel cell analyzer that leverages the inherent benefits of flow cytometry and enables the simultaneous measurement of up to 50 different characteristics of a single cell. This high parameter flow cytometer is a powerful analytical tool that enables scientists to identify and analyze distinctive phenotypes in heterogeneous populations.


Customizable models provide flexibility for your research 
Configure the BD FACSymphony™ system to your needs today with room for growth tomorrow 
Up to 50 detection parameters (including FSC and SSC) featuring decagon arrays for up to 10 parameters on a single laser line are available 
Select and configure up to a maximum of 10 lasers* from various wavelengths with multiple power ratings 
Driving deeper scientific insights 
This advanced instrument features an ultra-quiet VPX electronics system that supports up to 50 high-performance photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) and improves detection sensitivity to enable you to identify and analyze rare cell types and events. The capabilities of this platform technology uniquely allow you to conduct deep and broad phenotyping and gain richer scientific insights by fully leveraging the broad portfolio of BD Horizon Brilliant™ reagents. 
When analyzing panels designed with BD Horizon Brilliant dyes, this platform helps you to overcome research challenges, such as collecting maximal information from a precious sample, and increases lab throughput with broad phenotyping panels that combine multiple cell-line-specific panels. 
This highly customizable platform can be configured so that you can select from multiple laser wavelengths and power ratings, and choose the positions of decagon detection arrays to address the requirements of your specific research application.


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