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MIR series incubators are recognized as exceptional units suitable for a wide range of applications requiring a -10ºC to +60ºC environment. The wide variety of temperatures, humidity and lighting patterns that are essential in research, environmental studies and testing can now be accurately reproduced and controlled.     
MIR environmental test chambers/refrigerated incubators are ideal in testing applications such as:    
  • Industrial testing in the electrical, machinery, textiles industries    
  • Chemical testing e.g., storage, stability, acid/alkali, durability    
  • Food industry for packaging, quality control and stability    
  • Testing for waste water, BOD, soil testing    
  • Microorganism culturing    
  • Germination experiments    
Depth 32.75 in
Height 71.3 in
Width 31.5 in
Weight 452.5 lbs
Additional Specifications Effective capacity:14.3 cu.ft (406 liters)    
Interior Dimensions:25.17" x 21.65" x 45.68"    
Exterior Finish:Galvanized Steel with baked on finish    
Interior Finish:Stainless Steel    
Door:Painted Steel & Triple pane glass with observation window and key    
Shelves: 5 PE coated Steel wire, adjustable    
Insulation:Foam-in-place rigid polyurethane    
Circulation System:Forced air circulation    
Compressor:Hermetic type 300W    
Evaporator:Fin and tube type, forced circulation    
Condensor:Wire and tube type natural air cooling system    
Defrosting System:Manual start, automatic finish, natural vaporisation of drain water    
Heater:Cord Heater 332W    
Temp. Setting Indication:Digital setting with digital display    
Temperature Control:Microprocessor PID system, (when compressor operates, ON/OFF control)    
Temperature Sensor:Thermistor    
Autom. Setting temp. alarm:When temp. deviates approx. ±2.5ºC, visual and audible alarm    
Over temp. protection device:Visual audible alarm    
Programmed Operation:3-step repeat from 1-99 times or Continuous repeat    
Temperature Range:-10ºC to +60ºC    
Temperature Controllability:±0.2ºC at heater PID control (Temp. setting 50ºC, ambient temp. 20ºC, no load)     
±1ºC at compressor ON/OFF control (Temp. setting 5ºC, ambient temp. 20ºC, no load)    
Temperature Uniformity:±0.5ºC (Temp. setting 37ºC, ambient temp. 20ºC, no load)    
Power Source: Voltage:115V / 60Hz/ 1 phase    
Power Consumption:415 W    
Interior Lamp:15 W x 1, fluorescent lamp (setting temp. +5ºC to 50ºC)    
Accessories:Key 1set


Ultimate Flexibility    
  • Programmable with 12 step, 10 program capability.    
  • Wide temperature range from -10ºC to +60ºC with excellent uniformity     
  • Multi-purpose for a wide range of applications from the food industry to water treatment and microbiology.    
Precise Temperature Control For Accurate, Repeatable Conditions     
  • High precision microprocessor controller combined with a heater P.I.D. and compressor On-Off system.     
  • Feed Forward function inputs compressor operating conditions beforehand, assuring accurate temperature control of the chamber.     
  • Wide temperature range settable from -10°C to +60°C with control up to ±0.1°C.     
  • Chamber temperature uniformity ±0.5°C     
Energy Saving Operation     
  • Microprocessor controlled heater and compressor ensure optimum automatic operation according to ambient temperature and fluctuation, resulting in high energy savings     
Ultimate Secure, Comprehensive Alarm System     
  • Samples are consistently monitored and maintained by the Automatic Setting Temperature Alarm which alerts upon any deviation of more than ±2.5 degrees.    
  • Independent Over-temperature protection provides additional backup circuit and sensor in the rare case of a temperature abnormality.    
  • Programmed memory backup allows data to be stored for up to 5 hours after a power source interruption.     
  • Auto-return mechanism returns temperature to normal indicator.     
  • Self-diagnosing troubleshooting monitor and key lock are provided.    


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