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SpectraMax 190

The SpectraMax® 190 spectrophotometer is ideal for most life science applications, especially DNA analysis. For aqueous solutions, our patented* PathCheck® sensor technology senses the depth of the liquid in each microplate well, and normalizes the absorbance value to a 1-cm pathlength. The corrected absorbance is within 5% of the value obtained in a conventional spectrophotometer.

Industry leading SoftMax® Pro microplate analysis software provides comprehensive instrument control and data reduction.
SpectraMax 190
Bandwidth 2 nm
Detection Mode Multi-label
Lighting Xenon flash lamp
Photometric Range -0.3 to 4.0 OD
Wavelength Range 190 to 850 nm
Wavelength Selection Monochromator, tunable 1.0 nm increments
Depth 38 in
Height 22 in
Width 58 in
Weight 30 lbs
Additional Specifications Photometric Performance
Wavelength Accuracy: <± 2.0 nm
Wavelength Repeatability: ± 0.2 nm
Photometric Resolution: 0.001 OD
Photometric Accuracy (190-850 nm): < ±0.006 OD ±1.0%, 0 - 2.0 OD
Photometric Precision (190-850 nm): < ±0.003 OD ±1.0%, 0 - 2.0 OD
PathCheck Measurement Error: < 5% when compared to cuvette reading
Stray Light: < 0.05% @ 230 nm
Microplate Read Time:
Endpoint 12 seconds
Kinetics 9 second minimum interval

Temperature Regulation Specifications
Temperature Uniformity (Microplate): ± 0.5 °C @ 37 °C, well-to-well
Temperature Stabilization Time: 30 minutes maximum upon initiation
Reading Chambers: Isothermal when temperature regulation not enabled, <1 °C



  • Use the extinction coefficient of your sample to calculate concentrations directly.
  • Correct for volume differences in the wells.
  • Expand the dynamic range of your assay.
  • Detect pipetting errors.
  • Check performance of your pipetting devices.


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