Awareness Technology Stat Fax 3200


Stat Fax 3200

  • Fully automatic reading.   
  • Bichromatic optics.   
  • Standard model includes four filters, six filters are available for a nominal charge.   
  • On board data reduction calculations include regressions, curve fitting and cutoff absorbance calculations with step-by-step user prompting.   
  • New larger display with graphics capability.   
  • Large, non-volatile memory stores over 100 user tests.   
  • Includes parallel and serial outputs.   
  • PC Recorder software included for PC interface   
  • Optional onboard printer.   
  • NRTL and CE certified.   
  • Stat Fax® readers use IAD filters.   
Stat Fax 3200
Bandwidth 10 nm
Detection Mode Absorbance
Filters IAD filters. Multiple cavity hardcoat interference, 10 nm half bandpass
Lighting Tungsten lamp with lamp saver feature
Sample Formats Standard 96-well microtiter plates or strip trays
Scanning Speed Reads and prints absorbances of 96 wells in about two minutes
Depth 17 in
Height 7 in
Width 14.5 in
Power Requirements 115 V or 230 V AC, 50-60 HZ (switch selectable)
Weight 22 lbs
Additional Specifications Photometric  
Linear measurement range: -0.20 to 3.0 Absorbance units (A)  
Photometric accuracy: ± 1% or better  
Stability: Drift of no more than 0.005 A in 8 hours  
Display: 128x64 pixel, graphic LCD display  
Internal printer option: Thermal printer with 80 character per line capability using 80 mm wide thermal paper  
External printer requirements: Parallel: 90 column, 2 K byte minimum buffer capacity; Hewlett Packard, Canon or Epson compatible  
Keyboard: 29-key, domed membrane switch, enunciating; plus 4 multi-purpose keys for display input  
Serial port: 9600 Baud, 1 start bit, 8 data, 1 stop, no parity  
Microprocessor: Z180  
Non-volatile memory: Battery-supported RAM, holds more than 100 tests and curves  
Certifications: NRTL listed, CE mark  
Calculation modes: Single point calibration, point-to-point curve fit, polynomial regression, linear regression (log and linear), cutoff absorbance, multipoint % absorbance  
Additional features: Complete user prompting, flags and error messages, partial plate reading, alphanumeric test naming, automatic interpretation options, duplicate options, clock and calendar, controls locator, self-check system, curve plotting and editing  
Mixer: Variable time, fixed speed  
Enclosure: Fire-retardant ABS plastic cover with metal base


Options & Accessories  
  • Four and six filter models available  
  • Optional 340 nm reading capability  
  • Computer interface for PC  
  • On-board printer  
  • Dri-Dye Check Strips for verifying accuracy, linearity, and repeatability  
  • Durable carrying case  


Stat Fax® 3200

Stat Fax® 3200

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