Agilent Technologies 5110 ICP-OES Instrument


5110 ICP-OES Instrument

The Agilent 5110 ICP-OES Instrument features unique Dichroic Spectral Combiner (DSC) technology that enables synchronous radial and axial measurements. Combined with a vertical torch and high speed, zero gas consumption VistaChip II CCD detector, the 5110 ICP-OES (also referred to as ICP-AES) runs even your toughest samples up to 55% faster using 50% less argon, without any compromise on analytical performance.


  • Run the fastest ICP-OES analysis with the unique Dichroic Spectral Combiner (DSC) that enables synchronous radial and axial measurements         
  • Reduce your running costs and boost productivity by minimizing sample uptake, stabilization times, and rinse delays using the optional Advanced Valve System (AVS) – featuring controlled bubble injection to achieve the highest analytical precision.         
  • Measure your toughest samples with a vertical torch – from high matrix to volatile organic solvents         
  • Achieve long term analytical stability with a solid-state RF system that delivers a robust plasma         
  • Start analysis immediately with the easy to use, intuitive software design with application specific software applets that can be run with minimal training         
  • Take the guess work out of method development with intuitive ICP Expert software and our DSC technology         
  • See all elements in your sample at a glance with an IntelliQuant mode that simplifies method development and enables rapid sample screening         
  • The 5110 is available in three flexible configurations: Synchronous Vertical Dual View, Vertical Dual View and Radial View.
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    One-piece Easy-fit torch

    Helo!I am using a One-piece Easy-fit torch at ICP-OES model 5110. But after using for a period the ring that fix the torch to the base is loosen. Because of this complicated turn on the torch.Does any seen this, what do you recommend in order to...

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