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Now you don’t have to choose between the sensitivity of a filter-based system and the flexibility of a monochromator. PerkinElmer brings you both in a single system. With the EnVision® Multilabel Plate Reader platform, you have the power to shift effortlessly between detection technologies and applications, driving better hit-to-lead ratios.    
The 2104 EnVision Multilabel Plate Readers are fast, sensitive and versatile benchtop readers that deliver optimized performance in every application and for every label. Their unique design features modular label-specific optical mirror modules, high energy flash lamps, and high speed detectors. The EnVision is available in two models: the affordable, single detector EnVision Xcite Multilabel Plate Reader or the faster, dual-detector EnVision Multilabel Plate Reader:    
  • EnVision: Delivers speed and flexibility, without sacrificing the sensitivity so crucial to your research.    
    - Faster readout for high throughput    
    - Automatic assay initiation and plate identification    
  • EnVision Xcite: Designed to expand with your increasing throughput and applications needs. Delivers outstanding functionality, including:    
    - Same sensitivity as EnVision for lower throughput applications    
    - Ability to upgrade as your needs change    
User-changeable, label-specific optical mirror modules and filters provide superior detection sensitivity and contribute to measurement speed. As your laboratory’s application needs change or new applications come on line, you can add more modules to extend EnVision’s functionality.    
A high energy Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) Laser excitation flash lamp reduces the number of repeated flashes needed, making the excitation cycle for detection as short as possible. The fastest mode uses an innovative “on-the-fly” detection synchronized with the excitation without stopping the plate between wells. This makes EnVision exceptionally fast, measuring absorbance or fluorescence intensity on a 1536-well plate in less than 36 seconds, including plate loading times.    
The plate conveyor and stackers have been optimized to achieve maximum possible speed, with parallel functionality as well as fast physical movements. The EnVision instruments are easily integrated into robotic systems and are designed to provide the greatest configuration flexibility including accepting microplates from 1- to 3456-wells. When combining the speed of EnVision with the high precision dispenser unit and temperature control, the versatile EnVision can perform fast kinetic measurements, enzyme assays and    
numerous other cell-based drug discovery assays.
Bandwidth <8 nm
Detection Mode Multi-label
Lighting Xenon flash lamp
Sample Formats 1- to 3456-well plate
Shaking Pattern Linear, orbital, dual orbital
Wavelength Range 230 to 1000 nm
Wavelength Selection Tunable in 0.1 nm increments
Microplate Size 1536-well
Shaking Yes
Software External
Temperature Control Yes
Depth 21.7 in
Height 22.8 in
Width 16.5 in
Weight 110.2 lbs
Additional Specifications Temperature Uniformity: ±1 °C    
Heating time: <10 minutes (from RT up to 37 °C)    
Dispense volume: 2-475 µL (1 µL increments)    
Pump speed: 100-500 µL/s    
Dead volume: 750 µL with pump back function <50 µL using standard tubing and factory settings    
Photometry Specifications:    
Accuracy @ 2 OD < 2%    
Precision @ 2 OD < 0.1%    
Photometric performance with absorbance monochromator:    
Wavelength accuracy: ±2.0 nm    
Photometric resolution: 0.001 OD    
Wavelength precision: ±0.2 nm    
Fluorescence intensity performance with quad monochromators:    
Excitation/emission spectrum scan measurements: 230-850 nm    
Maximum Throughput (Time per Plate):    
96-well plate: Kinetic Cycle: 6 s; Single read: 22 s; Stackers*: 28 s    
384-well plate: Kinetic Cycle: 10 s; Single read: 27 s; Stackers*: 32 s    
1536-well plate: Kinetic Cycle: 20 s; Single read: 36 s; Stackers*: 42 s    
*mean of 10 plates    
See attached "EnVision® Multilabel Plate Readers Specifications" PDF for Typical Throughput data and Detection Limit Specifications.


There is a wide choice of options, including:    
Monochromator: Turn your EnVision into the ultimate plate reader with the flexibility and wavelength scanning of a monochromator:    
  • Absorbance Monochromator measures absorbance assays    
  • Fluorescence Intensity Monochromator measures absorbance and fluorescence intensity with a high-performance quad monochromator package    
AlphaScreen: With low backgrounds and high S/B ratios, AlphaScreen (Amplified Luminescent Proximity Homogeneous Assay) technology is ideal for your most demanding screening assays. EnVision’s speed plus AlphaScreen’s sensitivity mean high throughput across a broad range of applications:    
  • Standard Option for medium-throughput screening of up to 37,000 samples per day    
  • HTS “Turbo” Option for high-throughput screening of almost 100,000 samples per day (includes Enhanced Luminescence Option)    
TRF LASER: The TRF LASER greatly enhances time-resolved fluorescence performance by delivering a short, sharp excitation pulse, resulting in superior signal-to-noise ratios. And with our high-sensitivity DELFIA separation assays and fast LANCE homogeneous assays, the specificity of each lanthanide’s emission spectrum enables multiplexed TRF assays.    
Enhanced Luminescence: When your assays require high sensitivity, this option gives you an additional luminescence detector.    
Dispenser: With two pump units, a magnetic stirrer and a heater, the dispenser unit provides the ultimate functionality, including:    
  • Precise delivery of reagents    
  • Simultaneous dispensing and reading    
  • Adjustable dispense speed    
  • Real-time kinetics live display    
Temperature Control: The EnVision temperature control is ideal for cellular and enzyme kinetic assays, which require a defined temperature range. Chamber    
temperature can be regulated from +2°C above ambient to +45°C (+/- 1°C). The heating time from room temperature to +37°C is less than 10 minutes.    
Plate Stacker Option: Available for 20 or 50 plates, plate stackers can be added to increase capacity and throughput. With easy integration into robotic systems and the ability to accept microplates up to 3456 wells, the stacker option greatly increases the throughput of kinetic assays: over 100,000 samples per day when 1536-well plates are used.


EnVision® Multilabel Plate Reader

EnVision® Multilabel Plate Reader

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